Microshield Angel Clear Antimicrobial Hand Gel 500ml

Johnson & Johnson

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A unique, patented waterless wash combining both initial and persistent antimicrobial activity with long lasting skin moisturisation. An  essential component in an infection control program to help prevent the spread of infection from patient to patient.

Easy to Use
• You won't need a sink
• You won't need a towel
• You simply rub it into your hands

Fast Acting
• Broad spectrum of activity
• Extensive clinical evidence

Persistent Antimicrobial Activity
• Persistent antimicrobial activity against resident organisms for up to 6 hours and transient organisms for up to 1 hour

• Contains synthetic lipids to help restore dry skin to a healthy condition
• Offers soothing moisturisation even after repeated applications
• Dermatologist tested


Contains Ethanol 70.0%

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